About us - Wood n Toys

Who we are ?

Wood n Toys has been designed to teach to our future generations, how to adopt a sustainable ethic, viable, and favorable to the conservation of their environment.

The use of wood, a noble material, always brings us closer to nature, despite the damage we inflict on it.

Wood is an inexhaustible natural alternative, as it can be recycled and is durable compared to plastic that can take up to half a century to disintegrate!

Fortunately we are here!

All of us can make our environmental future better, starting with introducing our little ones to respect for nature, and learning about it...

Nature offers us so much, let's take advantage of it! And share the happiness of learning at any age with wooden, ecological, solid, and healthy games. Give us simple pleasures, whether alone, with friends or with family.

Let's benefit from the pedagogic knowledge that bequeathed us Maria Montessori, applying these educational techniques that are recognized internationally for the good cognitive development of all our children.




 What we do?

That's why..., Wood n Toys, is committed to work for the conservation and awareness of our future generations, by ensuring you enjoy all the benefits of wood for you and your children, and by supporting Eco friendly Association, school and parents.

Creativity, Solidity, Simplicity, Sustainability, Eco-Friendly ...

...The wood is at your fingertips....


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